Pods Health US can assist healthcare institutions with rethinking the medical supply chain, given the dramatic price increases and supply chain shortages experienced during COVID. Pods recognizes that pandemics are rare events, but COVID provides an opportunity to rethink current operations.

An important example of rethinking the medical supply chain is, how can health systems maintain the cost benefit of offshore medical supply manufacturing while simultaneously minimizing the risk of supply chain disruption and dramatic price increases? Or how can health systems increase the number of countries producing medical supplies while maintaining medical supply quality? Or how can an onshore medical supply chain solution be coupled with an offshore cost-effective medical supply manufacturing solution?

Pods Health US offers a stock, store, and finance onshore medical supply solution that can benefit your institution as you rethink your medical supply chain in the post COVID era. For more information, contact us at info@podshealth.com and visit our site at https://www.podshealth.us/.

The Pods Health Team

Deepak Poddar, CEO