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Pandemic-induced disruptions in global supply chain operations created a crisis in the medical supply industry that has lasted into the current year. A limited access to critical medical supplies and equipment, such as masks, gloves, gowns, ventilators, and test kits has caused difficulties for health systems, hospitals, governments, and other entities. Overpriced and unreliable medical supplies, combined with a dramatic increase in hospitalizations, have resulted in devastating financial losses for healthcare organizations. Most importantly, this crisis has negatively influenced the ability of institutions to trust the reliability of their suppliers, prompting an evaluation of current operations.

Who can organizations trust to provide critical supplies during this global crisis? The answer resides in the ability of an organization to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. The distributor must utilize a large number of industry connections, maintain the internal infrastructure to ensure proper logistical support, and enforce the highest level of product authentication and anti-fraud measures. The company must develop close relationships with highly qualified manufacturers and focus on the supply and mission, rather than the monetary temptations present in the current marketplace.

Pods Health utilizes over 20 years of industry experience to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions. We developed from a philanthropic desire to provide highly needed medical supplies and equipment to struggling communities. Pods donated large amounts of life saving ventilators, assisted communities negatively affected by a high incidence of chronic conditions, and successfully coordinated the distribution of necessary medical resources. We analyzed long term medical equipment requirements, utilized our own factories and contracted additional manufacturers to fulfill a high demand. We arranged the best logistics and coordinated local procurement partners in all regions to assist with procurement processes.

While the doors have opened within health systems and hospitals for a new entrance, there are also huge barriers in the industry, especially regarding problems in the broker community and an influx of unqualified brokers in the market. The lack of qualifications in an industry experiencing extreme upheaval has elicited an unreasonable number of fraud cases, such as scandals with 3M masks. At Pods Health, we’ve learned through industry experience how to protect our buyers from corrupt business practices in the industry. We once experienced an incident in which a distributor in Thailand received funds for products and never provided any supply. Because the funds belonged to a United States government agency, Pods refunded all funds and assumed the loss. In the current market, Pods maintains insurance for all transactions to protect the process and our buyers. Pods uses a verifiable third party agency to certify all products that we provide to clients, with thorough documentation of product quantity and quality. We utilize an advisory board to ensure best practices, regulatory compliance, and medical efficacy.

To combat many of the disturbing practices in the industry, Pods Health has developed a medical supplies platform with an app facility to introduce manufacturers and distributors directly with end users, globally. We’ve integrated the appropriate vetting processes and compliance checks to ensure real buyers and real sellers are interacting correctly and safely. Pods Health has already provided manufacturers with consulting for FDA regulations and is prepared to provide integral support in the industry.

At Pods Health, in addition to medical devices and PPE, we have access to pharmaceuticals, new medical related software systems, medical consumables, and even telemedicine infrastructure. Pods’ aim is to be innovative and reduce costs of products and enhance efficiency to the end service users. We are seeking new partnerships with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and healthcare organizations across the United States and welcome an opportunity to explore how we can assist your organization with your supply chain requirements.

Deepak Poddar, CEO