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§ Stock, Store, Onshore Critical Medical Supplies
§ Achieve True Supply Chain Diversity and Transparency

Stock, Store, and Onshore Critical Medical Supplies

Many healthcare professionals and consultants believe that health systems and hospitals will want to adjust supply chains post-pandemic, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, (December 27, 2020). However, medical supplier changes require time, can be expensive, and most importantly, can be too disruptive for health systems if done improperly. Pods Health can add resilience and international diversification to your current medical supply chain to minimize the risk of supply chain disruption and price instability.

Pods Health understands that maintaining seamless healthcare supply chains is critical to the function of health systems, thus Pods has developed a program through which Pods can stock, store, and onshore 3 months of critical medical supplies for health systems. Pods has the logistics capabilities to implement a rotating schedule for this backup supply to ensure an ongoing stock of fresh medical supplies. In addition to the advantage of onshoring several months of backup medical supplies, health systems will continue to benefit from cost-effective international pricing while mitigating the risk of sudden supply and price disruptions for any reason. Pods also has a reasonable financing option for interested health systems.

Onshoring a rotating 3 month backup of critical medical supplies can be an important part of rethinking health systems’ medical supply chains. Onshore storage of medical supplies at a cost that is close to offshore pricing can be a more cost-effective option compared to onshore manufacturing, in some instances. Onshore storage of critical supplies also decreases the risk of supply shortages.

Achieve True Supply Chain Diversity and Transparency

Among the lessons learned in the pandemic, according to McKinsey consultant Ed Barriball is, “A company (health system) might think it has diverse suppliers, but “all of those suppliers might buy from the same tier 2 or tier 3 suppliers, ” (Financial Management Magazine). Pods Health has a consortium of 26 different manufactures across different international regions that supply products to Pods Health. Pods carefully ensures that critical medical supplies are manufactured across multiple international regions. Pods’ truly diverse international medical supply manufacturing capabilities combined with Pods stock, store, and onshore program can be an integral part of a health system’s strategic rethinking of the medical supply chain. We welcome the chance to discuss a customized solution for your institution. Contact us at:

The Pods Health Team

Deepak Poddar, CEO